Mifepristoneand Misoprostol isthe medication meant to be taken orally for preventing your ongoing pregnancy.One should choose according to the gestation period. Abortion is the act ofremoval of an undesired fetus from the womb. This is simply a medical method ofceasing your pregnancy of below 9 weeks.

Common known brands that come with those pills are as:

  • Mifeprex,Mifegyne
  • RU-486,Cytotec
  • MTPKit

All those pills have essentialingredients such as Generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Thesework over the progesterone hormone. This hormone is required for transferringthe nutrition supply towards your fetus. It thereby helps in growth anddevelopment of your fetus. To cease its growth, Mifepristone is been taken thatcuts down the supply towards fetus and leadto its death.

Misoprostol on other hand is beengiven that causes the dilation and contraction of uterus thereby removing out afetus from your womb. In this manner,your abortion process is finally complete.

Mifeprex, Mifegyne, and RU-486: At once consume three pills ofMifepristone. Single-pill is having the strength of about 200 mg. One can consume itorally with water. Maintain an interval of about two days and then observe ifabortion does not happen then consume additional two pills of Misoprostol.


Single-pill is having the strength of about 200 mcg. One has to consume it orally with wateror vaginally.

Cytotec: Have 12 pill Misoprostol. Have thisin divided doses 4-4-4. This medicine is to be taken orally or vaginally.Always keep an interval of about 4-5 hours interval in between the two dosages.

Where shouldone avail an Abortion Pills from?

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MTP Kit: This kit is a combination ofabout 5 pills in total.

You must start consumption of aboutsingle pill Mifepristone. Each with dose 200 mg. Have it orally with water.

Have a break of about two day’s timeinterval,

You must start consuming four pillsMisoprostol. Each with dose 200-mcg. Have it orally with water or vaginally.


Have a break of about 14 days, and on

14th day do verify your gestationthrough the means of ultrasound testing.

Contraindications that are needed tobe followed:

  • Donot have an abortion while in ectopic pregnancy case.
  • Donot have an abortion while you feel allergic to those ingredients.
  • Donot have an abortion while you are in taking corticosteroids andanti-coagulants.
  • Donot have an abortion while you have bleeding syndrome and porphyrias.

Precautions one must always keep onfollowing:

  • Keepaway from alcoholic drinks and grapefruit juice, as this will bring about worseeffects.
  • Oneshould stay away from harsh work out as this will cause more dizziness.
  • Havehealthy diet and juice to balance the strength.

Be careful regarding the worseissues such as heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, belly pain,dizziness, drowsiness, and weakness.